Scholarships in Canada

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Scholarships in Canada come in various types. They can be domesticated degrees or just those degrees that one can obtain if they choose to study in Canada. The Government of Canada provides Canadian scholarships and bursaries through the Canadian Millennium Scholarships Program. These include the Millennium Bursary, Access Bursary, and Excellence awards.

Postsecondary students can also seek qualification by seeking information through the province or territorial student financial assistance office, university financial aid offices, and various websites online such as Scholarships Canada.

By doing some good research, especially if there is an institution that you plan to study at, you can find information on some interesting Canada scholar college ships named after famous Canadians that you might not ever knew excited. Below we highlite some of these scholarships in Canada that might be of interest to you.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award – This award is given to undergraduates and high school students who are heavily involved in humanitarian work. It was established to commemorate Terry Fox a famous Canadian athlete who fought and lost his battle with cancer at the age of 23. He was gutsy in his attempts at running a Marathon which was his life long dream, but alas was never fulfilled. This Canadian scholarship is open to high school graduates and those studying their first diploma in university in amounts of $3,500 which can be paid to the recipient in installments. The deadline for this application is Feb. 1st of every year and can be done online. The amount awarded is undetermined at this time.

Wayne and Walter Gretzky Scholarship – Named after the famous Gretzky hockey family, this prized Canada college scholarship is given to those students suffering with visual disabilities. Eligible applicants are high school graduates entering their first year of university; those who have had immigrant status for at least a year prior to their application; the amount ranges from $3,000 – $5,000 with number of recipients unknown. Applications can be sent via snail mail or emailed by May 31 or July 31 depending on the required documents you need to send.

Bobby Orr Entrance Scholarship – This award is named after famous NHL hockey player Bobby Orr. He created this Canadian scholarship for the honor student who wants to pursue their educational career in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University. The applicant must complete their financial profile as well as other statements online to increase eligibility chances. This information must be filled out and sent by February 1 of every year. The amount awarded is $2,100 with unknown number of recipients.

So what is involved for International Canadian Scholarships?
For those seeking a scholarship in Canada to study at a Canadian university who are non-Canadian citizens, they should consider researching their options on the Canadian Government website for scholarships as well as Canadian bursaries. It offers all the information you would need as an international student who plans to student abroad in Canada.

First of all, these types of Canada scholarships are for students who are doing graduate level research and/or work as well as student exchanges. An example of this is the famous Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan and the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships Program. From 4-6 months tax free monies are available in amounts ranging from $7,000 – $11,000 Canadian per student. Some of the eligibility requirements include: coming from an eligible country and institution that the Canadian institution can have an exchange and an agreement with; pay tuition fees at their home institution for the duration of the exchange, and no previous participation or hold other major scholarships in such a program. The student should apply no later than the date required (depending on the scholarship since dates vary) by submitting online only. Results are usually announced by the July before the year the student has to arrive in Canada. If a student is accepted, they must begin their research no later than March of the year they plan on studying in Canada. The number of students awarded is unknown but it is more than likely a good number since it is offered through the Canadian government. For more go to university scholarships of Canada.


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